lauren kana chan

Photography, Art, and Storytelling



It is my aim to use storytelling as a way to document the world around me and showcase the diversity, beauty, and wonders of our planet and people. 

From photographing communities in some of the most remote regions of the world to championing women and girls rights, and raising awareness about climate change, my work aims to show images with a purpose.

Traveling has enabled me to feel more connected to a global world, and it is my hope to share this feeling with you.  


from poacher to protector





Imagine this: you are standing in the heart of a jungle, there is a canopy of green leaves that create a roof over your head, and around you, there is a hum of different insects, birds and running water.

My trekking guide, Seng Bo Me, had a story similar to other guides that were working in Nam-Et Phou Louey National Protected Area. He used to be a poacher and hunter.

He admits a sense of guilt for hunting in this way, that’s why when he had the opportunity to change his livelihood to supporting tourism activities that focused on conservation, he felt relieved that he no longer had hunted. He hopes that others in his village see the benefits and long-term sustainability of protecting the wildlife.




FEB' 17



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