Lauren Kana Chan
   SUSTAIN – Support Urban Slum Children to Access Inclusive Non-formal education    I mplementing agency:  Save the Children – Denmark   Location of activities:  Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

SUSTAIN – Support Urban Slum Children to Access Inclusive Non-formal education

Implementing agency: Save the Children – Denmark

Location of activities: Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

Photos that tell a story

If I were to put my photography in a category, it would be documentary or portrait photography. It's people that I'm drawn to and their story that I'm yearning to tell.

I would love my photography to reveal what normally is unseen and help to bridge a deeper understanding of the world (as I too, discover the world alongside you). 

I work with minimal equipment and process images with minimal editing. I want to be in the moment when I'm taking photos and compose images in a way that's natural. 

I've worked with various non-profit organisations (focusing on different angles of development). I hope to grow with anyone who believes in the power of communication and stories as much as I do



Most recently

I was on journey in Asia-Pacific for the project Faces2Hearts by EuropeAid, the development cooperation arm of European Commission.

From January-June 2018, I travelled to Laos, Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Uzbekistan to visit European Union (EU) supported projects. I used social media and communication to share stories of positive impact, change, and hope. 


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Loas PDR

"FEAR AND COURAGE GO HAND IN HAND: A blogger in the footsteps of a bomb clearance team in Northern Laos"

Photos & text: Lauren Kana Chan. Edited by Katia Gruetter